We are the innovator for security solutions providing products for the Military, Law Enforcement, and the Public. In this ever-changing world its innovate or die.

Our values include a focus on problem solving. We take a team approach with everything that really makes a difference. Protection is our core competency and have a common sense approach to all of our products that we manufacture. Ultimately we want deliver solutions that save lives and protect.

Our company was formed to develop and commercialize inventions. We have created solutions in the areas of…


  • Security Video Analytics,
  • Powertrain Control Modules for Bi-Fuel Vehicles,
  • Power Programmers for reprogramming automotive computers,
  • Mobile License Plate Recognition for law enforcement,
  • Magnetic Levitation,
  • Audio/Video Scanner Technologies,
  • Radio Scanner Technology,
  • Offensive Anti-Burglary devices for secure compounds and buildings,
  • Developing concealed safes for security teams of high profile clients. Our safes have been manufactured for homes, yachts, airplanes,motor coaches, and vehicles.

We sell a wide variety of concealed safes for your home, office, and vehicle. We also have various security and bullet proof items like our desk calendar, couch cushions and our latest line of blinds. To view and purchase our products visit the link below.


Don’t fall for cheap substitutes, buy direct from Heracles Research Corporation. Our complete suite of safety, security products and services are now available at SafetySecurity.co 





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